Privacy policy

We put the privacy of your personal information as a top  priority at and we go to great lengths in order to protect it.'s privacy policy covers the collection and use of any personal information which may be collected in the process of purchasing a vehicle after we have been contacted by a seller. We do not sell, share or redistribute any information collected while purchasing a vehicle. Nor do we us your information to solicit payment for additional services aside from purchasing your vehicle.

Collecting Personal Information

 The only personal information we will require is a telephone number or email address so that we may contact you in the process of purchasing your vehicle. Outside of that we will need information concerning the exact condition of the vehicle being sold. Pertinent information concerning a vehicle would be its exact current condition, whether it was ever in an accident, if it is under lease or has a lean on it, any fees due as well as the type of title it has e.g. salvaged or clean title etc.